Sports In Buttonwood

Baseball was one of the major pastimes for children and adults in New Castle and Buttonwood throughout the 20th century. Many of the young boys played on pick-up “sand lot” teams as well as organized, county leagues. Because local children, both black and white, loved to play baseball together, the sport helped to break down segregation imposed by others.

Residents of Buttonwood have strong memories regarding the establishment of neighborhood baseball teams. There were two official teams, the Buttonwood Cubs for younger children and the Buttonwood Tigers for older boys.

 The Tigers had two specific incarnations. As Mr. Bernard Pinkett recalls:

The Buttonwood Tigers had two teams. The second team was formed about 1945, and lasted until about 1951. In addition, I was the mascot at that time. I was the bat-boy. They had a uniform for me- it was a regular Buttonwood Tigers uniform, my size. Traveled with the team… I always loved the game because-actually my mother and father played baseball. My father was a part of the [earlier] Buttonwood Tigers… We really did play for the love of the game.

Buttonwood Tigers 1940s

Photo taken in front of the Buttonwood School.

Team Jersey - Buttonwood Cubs 1950s
Buttonwood Cubs Baseball Team.

(l-R) Cyrus Harris, Coach
Row 1: Tony Tucker, ...Hines
Row 2:... Hines, David Harris, ....., Lewis Pinkett
Row 3: Norman Trice, Ernest Thomas, Gilbert Pinkett, Reginald Davis, Wilson Comfort