Petty Appointed Chief of Police

The regular monthly meeting of the city of New Castle, was held Tuesday, February 4, 1975 in the Council Chambers Town  Hall. Jack Weaver presided.
Councilman James cannon was absent.

Acting Chief Eugene F. Petty, who has serves  on the New Castle Police Department for 12 years and had been acting Chief for the past year-and-a half, was named Chief of Police  by a unanimous vote after the motion was presented  by Councilman George E. Freeberry. Councilman Gladys Clark seconded the motion. Councilman Daniel Susi questioned whether there was description of the job and was told by Freeberry that the Chief of Police served at the pleasure of City Council.

Earlier, when President Weaver went around the room asking those present to state their problems, Bishop Rudd of Holcomb's Lane asked when Petty would be named. Mrs. Mary Earle questioned why Petty" has not been afforded the dignity and honor of being named chief? Was it because he was black?"

Information quoted from The New Castle  Gazette above.

Mr. Petty
The Petty's at Wilmington University

As part of Wilmington University's Black History Month celebration, area history preservationists Eugene and Teal Petty w
as on hand at the New Castle campus for the book signing "meet and greet" with Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel R. Biddle, co-author of Tasting Freedom:Octavius Catto and the Battle for Equality in Civil War America.
Mr. Petty